Get connected through social exercise and a Healthy Lifestyle 

… join the Fat Dads!

The fatdads are dedicated to supporting a healthy lifestyle including mind, body, nutrition and education.


Get connected through social excercise, sharing tips and tricks for a healthier life!


Join the fatties community! You don't have to be "Fat" or a Dad" to be a "Fat Dad"

… you just need a good attitude, a healthy sense of humour and a desire to be active.

It’s fun and it’s free.

Fat Dads started as a group of middle aged Dads getting together to exercise and get fit. We had all levels of fitness and split into groups to exercise together. 

Before we knew it, Mums and teenagers were coming along and even skinny fit guys! It’s much more fun to exercise in a group than by yourself.

... Come and Join in the Fun 
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