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You don’t have to be ‘fat’ or a ‘Dad’ to be a "Fat Dad" … you just need a good attitude, a healthy sense of humour and a desire to be active. It’s fun and it’s free.

"Fat Dads" includes middle aged Dads getting together to exercise and get fit as well as Mums and teenagers and even skinny fit guys! It’s much more fun to exercise in a group than by yourself.

If there isn't a Fat Dads group in your area, you can easily start your own.

You can start a ‘closed’ group for you and your friends exclusively, or an ‘open’ group that anyone can join … and it can be for any type of sport.

Start your free Fat Dads exercise group today. Our aim is to grow 1000 Fat Dads groups, so sign up for your FREE Fat Dads exercise group today. Start your own Fat Dads group, register your interest today and we’ll set you up with a webpage in our Website to help promote, manage and keep in touch with your group.

So start to spread the word  "like" us on facebook and join the Fat Dads revolution. So come on help us get the message out there.

It's amazing what a bunch of Fat Dads can achieve!